UGT: Subcultures of the Streets

  1. We like driving fun #cars at work.
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  2. Mint 2004 STi with 30k on the clock


  3. Anyone who says a trail jack is only for show has never been stuck in a mud hole and wedged against a tree.
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  4. I’m liking the spacer kit on this #sti wing.


  5. Waxed her up, new 2” lift, painted D rings, plastidipped wheels.
    #jeep #JeepersCreepers


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  8. First official mod to the #jeep
    #smitybilt XRC bumper with d-rings and off-road lights.



  10. Messing around with some slow shutter speeds.


  11. A New Level Of Perfection

    As technology increases, so, it seems, does humanity’s quest for perfection. A large part of that is because our technology gives us the tools and ability to achieve greater perfection. CNC machines can cut perfect edges into any type of metal, information can be shared via the internet, measurement tools’ accuracy is so good you would need a microscope to tell if something didn’t line up. 

    I was doing some grocery shopping today when I noticed a classic Camaro on the cover of a car magazine. It had been modified and upgraded with modern parts and had a very modern style for an old car. At first I just thought about what a sick looking car it was, but my second thought was, “Man, that’s perfect.”. 

    I won’t bother to go into the details of the car, but it brought to my mind a recurring thought I’ve been having lately. The internet has really become a part of modern culture. Just think about how many times a day you check Facebook on your phone. In turn, photo sharing has become a large part of the internet. People communicate through photos a lot, and all these pictures have really stirred up some competition. Anytime I check Instagram, tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever other social media sites I’m on, I’m bombarded with images of home decor, posh projects, great bodies, clean cars, and expensive electronics. Think about what you follow and the things you see. Me being a long time car enthusiast, I’ve noticed that within the past decade the level people are taking their rides to has really risen. Paint is perfect, engines sit in shaved bays without a wire to be seen, accessory fitment is done with the tenacity of a professional race car builder, and it’s not uncommon to see daily driven cars that are in the four to five hundred horsepower range.

    Look around you. I don’t know if it’s today’s poor economy, the influence of reality TV, or the power of the internet to let people show off their things and skills that is pushing people to do better. Probably a combination of all that, but people are definitely striving for a greater level of perfection. Check YouTube sometime, doesn’t matter what you watch, you’ll notice video production is near or at a professional level. Technology is giving people cameras and editing software that are more than capable. Your iPhone shoots in HD! The future is here, and people want precision in everything. 

    I re-painted my apartment when I moved into it because it looked horrible… and boring. Recently I’ve been touching it up because my edges didn’t come out perfect. I purchased a DSLR camera so I could take high quality photos and shoot HD video (along with the other HD cameras I already own). I keep my home extremely clean. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and my things. Lately I’ve been getting aggravated because I’ve fallen out of practice with my dancing, and my cars don’t look nearly as nice as they used to. It’s a never-ending quest for perfection. The cool part about reaching for perfection, is if you keep after it, things can only ever improve. So before winter is over I plan to have the touch-up work done in my apartment and come summer, my cars are all going to be getting a serious make over. 

    Now if only we could get the people who shop at Walmart to join the perfection quest.


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  14. You drifters may hate me for this, but stretched tires are stupid. Like, did you spend all your money on the wheels and didn’t have enough left to afford the right size tires?


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